Linda Adelstein Watson was born and raised in New York. She focuses almost exclusively on creating portraits and works of the human figure both drawn and painted. Her attention to details, as well as her ability to connect with her subjects, creates visually stunning works that connect with the viewer on a very emotional level. Viewers of her work often comment on the eyes, lips, and how strongly touching and sensitive the work is. Ms. Watson employs some unusual media choices such as painting on reclaimed materials like discarded wood, and fabrics like vintage lace stretched over canvas, to achieve different and interesting effects. Her 2013 series of female faces painted on antique handkerchiefs is a good example of this concept. Ms. Watson attended School of Visual Arts in New York City. After raising a family and continuing to battle a rare bone disease, Ms. Watson turned to her art as a way to heal herself and to help and inspire others as well. Countless lively pencil and acrylic images capturing the spirit of relatives and friends, iconic music and noted persons, as well as many portraits honoring people who have passed away, make up much of her work from the last several years. She has also painted and drawn an enormous and diversified number of people by whom she is inspired and thinks to be beautiful, not always by the typical societal standards. A solo show in 2013 entitled “Portraits” showed almost 50 pencil portraits of her friends and family. In July 2015 Ms. Watson was one of the featured artists at Gallery Red, an art gallery in Las Vegas. Her work also includes an unusual painting collaboration with abstract artist and friend Richard Kanter. She created the cover artwork for the blues album "Please Save Your Love For Me" by award-winning performer Ebony Jo-Ann released in July 2015. Ms. Watson is an active member of North Shore Art Guild, and also part of the artist's library at Sidewalk Art Gallery in Mt. Sinai, New York. Linda Adelstein Watson now makes her home and art on Long Island.